7 Reasons to get a Tankless Water Heater

Why Should I Buy a Tankless Water Heater?

If you’re asking yourself that question, I’ve got some answers for you.

A tankless water heater is a more modern, more technologically advanced, more efficient, easier to install, more cost effective and more logical solution to heating water in your own home. Millions of families globally take preference of tankless water heaters over tank-based water heating systems or units simply for the cost efficiency that comes along with it, as well as the increased safety brought by the abolishment of the risk of the tank exploding.

Not only do they offer instant hot water, but are far more efficient and can save families thousands of dollars over a lifetime – dollars that can be spent on clothes, kids, nights out, days out, latest tech gadgets and home improvements.

There are literally thousands of reasons of ditching your tank-based water heater, and swapping it out permanently for a beautiful, tankless piece of modern water heating technology. But here, because we’re short on time and understand that you’re a busy person, we’ve condensed down the seven key reasons why you’ll prefer a tankless water heater to a tank-based water heater.

Reason 1 – You’ll get instant hot water.

This is one of the best reasons for getting a tankless water heater. Thousands of “thank you” notes pour in from residents to manufacturers every month for providing hundreds of thousands of families with instant hot water, whenever they need it for a much lower cost – although we shall cover the cost later on in this article.

When you turn on your shower with a tank-based water heater, you may find that sometimes you simply run out of hot water. As a result, you get cold showers, unpleasant experiences and a whole myriad of simply terrible things. Rather, with a tankless water heater, hot water is instant – and it only heats when you need it, and never gets the opportunity to cool down.

Tankless water heaters never fail to deliver the most pleasant of water temperatures on demand. They’re designed for this very purpose, and never fail to deliver instant hot water unless you purchase a faulty unit, which then again – is literally almost never, as it simply never happens! They’re simple systems, and they’re incredibly lucrative to thousands of home-owners for this very reason – there is nothing more pleasant than not having to wait for your hot water!

And it’s not just the instant hot water aspect that’s so lucrative. Not only do you get instant hot water, but you don’t pay a tuppence more than you usually would with a tank based water system – rather, you’ll actually find yourself paying less most of the time, and this leads well into our next reason to get a tankless water heater – the long term cost of owning one of these machines, and taking use of it in your own home.

Reason 2 – You’ll save money in the long run.

The second reason you will absolutely adore your decision to purchase a tankless water heater is that you’ll actually save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run. No – seriously! Thousands of dollars. The running costs of these machines are far lower than the traditional tank-based system, which is not only unreliable in a great many cases, but which also needs replacing very often.

They use less energy, as they’re not constantly heating and reheating water in a huge tank like those massive, inefficient tank-based water heating systems or units. And they only use energy when they absolutely need to, which is especially great if you’re obsessed with the environment and find recycling exciting.

Whilst the upfront cost of actually purchasing a tankless water heating unit may be significantly higher than purchasing a traditional tank-based water heating system or unit, this does make up for itself if you plan to live in the same property for a reasonably long length of time – as most people do. After all, if you’re moving about a lot, why would you refurbish a house anyway if you’re going to leave it and not an estate agent?

You’ll save money in the long run with a tankless water heater. Take our word for it, and you certainly won’t regret it in the slightest.

Reason 3 – They’re far more efficient

The fact that they’re far more efficient links in perfectly with the reason just before this one. They’re cheaper to run because they’re more efficient. Is that it? No!

With a tankless water heater, you will find yourself spending less on your water heating bill and similar energy bills – such as your electricity or gas bill if you’re planning to purchase a gas or electric tankless water heating system – per unit water used. But why exactly does this happen? What makes them so special?

To answer this question, we must firstly examine how a tank-based water heating system works. When cold water flows into the tank, an electric heating element or ignited propane gas warms up the water gradually until it reaches a set temperature, pre-set by the user upon installation of the tank. However, if this water is not used, and it cools down again, the heater must reheat this water to maintain the temperature, even when the water is not being used. This is highly inefficient – think about when you go on holiday! How many times does this water heat and re-heat?

Instead of this, tankless water heaters only heat water when you need hot water, and do so with much greater efficiency, and provide you with much greater “bang for your buck”.

Reason 4 – They don’t need replacing as often.

If you have a tank-based water heating system or unit, you’re going to have to replace if every ten years. And that, unfortunately, is going to get very, very costly, and very irritating. This is a problem faced by hundreds of thousands all over the world, and you’ll find that if you’re somebody who faces bad luck, you’re going to need to replace that traditional, inefficient tank-based water heating system or unit in times of financial strain – and so you’re likely to be stuck with cold water for a long, long, long time.

And nobody wants that. For this reason, the designers of Tankless water-based systems have decided not only to increase the lifespan of a water heating unit by a few years, but literally doubled it, and in some cases were even kind enough to triple it for the consumer.

That means that by simply purchasing a Tankless water heating system for your home, you can save yourself thousands in replacements and maintenance, as they last usually double (20 years) or triple (some even boast 30 years) the length of time that a regular tank-based water system survives. And that’s a benefit nobody can turn down. They last a lot longer.

Reason 5 – Space. You will save a lot of space.

A tank-based water heating system or unit is possibly the most inefficient way of heating water. Think about it. You’re holding a massive tank of water, the water inside mostly won’t be used or a while, and after all – isn’t that what water reservoirs are for? Isn’t that the point of water companies and providers? That they store the water for you and push it to your house when it is necessary?

Well, no, but yes. Tank-based water heating solutions sort of wobble everything up. They take stored water, and store some of it in your house just in case you’d like to use it. It doesn’t really make sense, but hey, that’s why you’re thinking of switching to a tankless water heating solution.

Rather than taking stored water and storing it just in case you need to use it – which by the way, takes a huge tank that takes up a lot of storage space – you can simply have a little “box-like” (a tankless water heating system) that frees up multiple units of storage. Not only do you increase space in your own home, but might even save you money on paying for third party storage solutions.

Reason 6 – Higher home resale value

Yes! When you come to sell your home, simply installing a tankless water heater can boost up the price you can ask for. Isn’t that incredible?

Not only do you save on bills and in the long run, but if you do decide to sell your house, you might actually obtain full repayment for your water heating solutions. Free hot water!

Reason 7 – Less Maintenance

Tankless water heaters not only need less maintenance, but are also easier to maintain when they are in need of it. They’re far less dangerous to maintain in most cases, as they usually don’t involve a heavy 80 gallon tank of scolding hot water, ready to spill all over you.

Instead, most of the time all that is necessary maintenance wise is the push of a few buttons or the twists of a few knobs. That is why tankless water heaters are preferred by so many thousands of people  – maintenance is made easy!

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